What Is A Flower Box?

What Is A Flower Box?

What is a flower box? A flower box is a new and a cool trend in a floristic industry. Flowers are handcrafted in a flower box artistically creating a unique look and an impressive flower presentation.

A flower box means no more dangerous glass vase and water spills. Flower box is a super convenient gift, as a flower recipient doesn’t need to think about arranging the vase and it is easy to transport the flower box.

There is a wet floral foam positioned in the base of the box, which keeps the flowers hydrated for a few days. The flower recipient would simply need to follow simple given care instruction to continue enjoying the beauty of fresh flowers.

We, at Rose Jasmine are obsessed with fresh flower boxed arrangements. Every arrangement we design is a piece of art. We can’t wait for you to try it and share your feedback with us. Post your flower box on social media, use a hashtag RoseJasmineAtlFamily to be featured on our page. Let your favorite people know you like RoseJasmine boxes as much as we do!

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